Wish List

Our first BIG need is for an old shipping container, which we hope to use to house all of our parts and tools at BTC.

bikecheck_lThe TACOLCY Bicycle Club needs tools and bicycle parts. Can you donate/sponsor in support of our shop?

Specifically, we are in need of the following:

  1. Patch Kits
  2. Bike Stand
  3. Presta/Schrader adapter
  4. Floor pump
  5. Pedal wrench (15 mm)
  6. Chain tool
  7. Hey key set (METRIC)
  8. Tire Levers
  9. Universal Spoke wrench
  10. Cable cuttter
  11. Combination wrench set METRIC 6-17mm
  12. Basic Shop Needs (Grease, oil, rags, hand cleaner, work bench, bench vice, zip ties, spotlight, spray bottles, scissors…)
  13. TOOLS: Ballpeen hammer
  14. Rubber mallet
  15. Hacksaw
  16. File
  17. 6″ adjustable wrench;
  18. 12″ adjustable wrench
  19. screwdrivers – phillips & flatheads
  20. Pliers – Linesmans, Needlenose
  21. Vice grips
  22. Pipe cutter
  24. head set wrenches
  25. Bottom bracket tool/Shimano
  26. Freewheel tool/Shimano
  27. Chain whip
  28. Truing stand
  29. Cone wrenches (Pairs)
  30. Spanner wrenches

 Thank you!

You donations can be fully tax-deductible. Please call us at (305)751-1295 and ask for Roger or email btcprograms@tacolcy.org.

BTC is always looking for energetic, youth-friendly volunteers to participate and lend hand in ensuring our projects, programs, and events are a success.  If you are interested in making contribution to the agency, please make checks payable and mail to Belafonte TACOLCY Center, 6161 Northwest 9th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. Be sure to specify if you would like your donation to go entirely to the TACOLCY Bicycle Club project.

Thank you!



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